潛點介紹︰印度尼西亞 – Ambon-Banda 安汶島-班達

  • 印度尼西亞共和國,通稱「印度尼西亞」或簡稱「印尼」,為東南亞國家;由17,506個島嶼組成,是世界上最大的群島國家,疆域橫跨亞洲及大洋洲,別稱「萬島之國」。


  • 面積︰1,919,440平方公里
  • 人口︰275,773,800人
  • 首都︰雅加達
  • 氣候︰印度尼西亞地處赤道周邊,大部分屬熱帶雨林氣候,年溫差小。
  • 時區︰UTC + 7 (比香港時間慢一小時)
  • 常用語言︰印尼語
  • 常用貨幣︰印尼盾(IDR)
  • 電力︰127 V、230 V / 50Hz(兩腳圓型)
  • 簽証要求︰香港特別行政區護照持有人:30天免簽證停留



偏遠的班達海擁有生機勃勃、健康的珊瑚礁系統和豐富的海洋生物。這是一個令人驚嘆的區域,可以看到大群魚群、大中上層魚類。班達海還有幾個可以與海蛇近距離潛水的區域,特別是在Manuk和 Gunung Api 島附近。在一些地點還可以找到鎚頭鯊清潔站,一次潛水可以看到多達 200 條鯊魚。

The island of Pulau AiThe island of Pulau Ai is one of these largely because it is one of the best shark diving spots in the Banda Sea. Not only can you see hammerheads passing, sometimes even schooling but elusive thresher sharks are also in attendance. These huge, long and often shy sharks are an amazing sight when they come out of the blue over the reef.
Gunung ApiGunung Api is a fascinating and unique dive site and a must visit for anyone scuba diving in the Banda Sea. The eruption and lava flow in the 1980’s took out a large area of the reef but it is the regrowth that is most fascinating. The rate at which the reef is returning to the same state as the undamaged parts has astounded scientists. There is also a chance that stronger currents will bring pelagics such as shoals of mobula rays to this island.
Sea snake fansSea snake fans, we know there are some out there, will find that Manuk Island is a dream come true. The warmer water caused by nearby volcanic vents, is believed to contribute the huge number of sea snakes including several rare breeds that can be found at Manuk. This is a great place for naturalists and underwater videographers to see the rare Chinese sea snake. There are also huge shoals of fish to be seen here including barracuda and jacks.
Hukurila CaveThis underwater cave is still located in the area of Hukurila Beach (the beach that located on the southern island of Ambon). The beach is facing to east that is directly into the Banda Sea.

You can navigate the underwater cave to a depth of 20 meters. There are some types of corals and schools of fish that can be found in the middle of the cave. When diving in this underwater cave, do not worry about getting lost, because in this cave there is a big hole and two small holes that serve a way out from the cave.

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