潛點介紹︰印度尼西亞 – Bali峇里島

  • 印度尼西亞共和國,通稱「印度尼西亞」或簡稱「印尼」,為東南亞國家;由17,506個島嶼組成,是世界上最大的群島國家,疆域橫跨亞洲及大洋洲,別稱「萬島之國」。


  • 面積︰1,919,440平方公里
  • 人口︰275,773,800人
  • 首都︰雅加達
  • 氣候︰印度尼西亞地處赤道周邊,大部分屬熱帶雨林氣候,年溫差小。
  • 時區︰UTC + 7 (比香港時間慢一小時)
  • 常用語言︰印尼語
  • 常用貨幣︰印尼盾(IDR)
  • 電力︰127 V、230 V / 50Hz(兩腳圓型)
  • 簽証要求︰香港特別行政區護照持有人:30天免簽證停留

Bali – 峇里島


峇里島北部海岸非常適合觀賞水底峭壁和珊瑚礁,即使是經驗最豐富的潛水員也會迷戀不已。您會發現峇里島的潛點散佈在島上。許多遊客將他們的時間分散於不同目的地,以獲得各種體驗。峇里島的西北部更有特色潛點Secret Bay, Menjangan Island and Pemuteran.


在東部海岸,您會到達Tulamben, Amed, Candidasa and Padang Bai. 於Tulamben可以觀看The Liberty Wreck.

TulambenTulamben is home to the Liberty wreck, one of the most famous wrecks in the world. This is no ordinary wreck dive – it is a very large wreck, easily dove from shore, very shallow (20ft) at the top, deep at the bottom, with an amazing variety of big and small animals including resident bumphead parrotfish, a resident school of jacks, and a resident great barracuda.
Liberty WreckThe liberty wreck is enormous, and definitely deserves several dives. It is usually dived by the shore. Once near the wreck, you enter the water over rocky pebbles. Sunrise dives at the wreck are the absolute best, and well-deserving of an early wake-up call.
Nusa PenidaNusa Penida is an island surrounded by fantastic dive sites full of healthy corals and healthy currents. Expect lots of fish and some occasional big animals. One of Bali’s top dive sites, Crystal Bay is here, home to the Mola mola cleaning station.
Secret BayThis dive site is in Gilimanuk, the harbor crossing to Java, and is a shallow muck diving site with many good critters such as bobbit worms and pipefish.

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