潛點介紹︰印度尼西亞 – Raja Ampat四王群島

  • 印度尼西亞共和國,通稱「印度尼西亞」或簡稱「印尼」,為東南亞國家;由17,506個島嶼組成,是世界上最大的群島國家,疆域橫跨亞洲及大洋洲,別稱「萬島之國」。


  • 面積︰1,919,440平方公里
  • 人口︰275,773,800人
  • 首都︰雅加達
  • 氣候︰印度尼西亞地處赤道周邊,大部分屬熱帶雨林氣候,年溫差小。
  • 時區︰UTC + 7 (比香港時間慢一小時)
  • 常用語言︰印尼語
  • 常用貨幣︰印尼盾(IDR)
  • 電力︰127 V、230 V / 50Hz(兩腳圓型)
  • 簽証要求︰香港特別行政區護照持有人:30天免簽證停留

Raja Ampat – 四王群島讓您沉浸在潛水天堂,50,000 平方公里的島嶼和珊瑚礁、580 種珊瑚、1,397 種魚類,包括 23 種特有魚類,這裡確實是海洋生物多樣性的中心,擁有世界上最豐富的水下動植物群。



Cape KriCape Kri dive site is famous for holding the world's record for the site with the highest number of species spotted in one single dive. This record was set by Gerald R. Allen, a renowned marine biologist. He recorded 374 species here and it went on to become a world famous dive site for its huge number of diversity.
SawandarekThe dive site is a gently sloping reef that extends to the East and West of the jetty structure. The reef slopes are littered with impressive rock formations covered in colorful hard coral and abundant soft coral growth, from massive sea fans to anemones of all colours and sizes. The topography of the dive site is one of the most awe-inspiring in all of Raja Ampat. The dive site is home to an abundance of macro life. When trying to fine comb the coral formations, it is possible to spot nudibranchs, pipefish, blue-ringed octopus, and even pigmy seahorses if you are lucky.
Manta SandiThe Manta Sandy dive site in Raja Ampat is a shallow site, which means that you will not have issues with bottom time. This is perfect, as once the mantas have been cleaned, it is common for them to come and check out the divers offering them an opportunity to see them in a more up close and personal manner.

While diving in Raja Ampat, you will quickly discover that mantas are curious and intelligent creatures with no real natural enemies, aside from large sharks that attack them from behind. This means that they are not fearful, and as mentioned above, if you wait patiently at the appropriate place, they will come to you for a closer look for themselves.
Citrus RidgeThe coral reef at Citrus Ridge has a beautiful hard coral garden that shimmers in the sunlit shallows at the edge of a sloping channel. Upon descent lion fish and scorpion fish can sometimes be found resting on table coral and brain coral, there's also a chance you might spot a school of bumphead parrotfish

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