Galapagos * MV Galapagos Sky * 8 days

Schooling Hammerheads, giant whale sharks, rays of all shapes and colors, turtles, huge schools of fish, galapagos fur seals, and astounding marine life diversity are just some of the riveting attractions of Galapagos liveaboard diving 

Itinerary : 


Sunday (Embarkation day):


• Isla Lobos- Check out dive

When you arrive at the airport at San Cristobal on Sunday (Avianca flight 1636), the crew of the Galapagos Sky will personally meet you, collect your luggage, and escort you to the Galapagos Sky. Your luggage will be delivered to the dive deck for you. After everyone is on board, we will introduce you to the boat and do our mandatory safety briefings and drills. Then, we cruise to the area of Los Lobos for your check-out dive.

This will be your first underwater introduction to Galapagos sea lions and fur seals! Watch them Zoom in and out and dance playfully for you!

Even on the first day of your liveaboard cruise – you begin to see the myriad and diverse land formations which comprise the Galapagos Islands topside. It is then you realize you will see nothing like it in your lifetime.




•Bartolome – 1 dive and land walk
•Cousins 2 dives (dive site: Bartolome , Cousins Rocks)





– Wolf & Darwin
• Tues-4 Dives a day at Wolf plus a night dive
• Wed- 4 dives at Darwin
• Thurs-3 Dives total, 2 at Darwin and 1 afternoon dive at Wolf before long transit back to central islands





• Cabo Douglas 1 dive – Marine iguana dive
• Punta Vicente Roca up to 2 dives and Panga ride if time allows.





• Northeast tip of Isla Pinzon/Islote Dumb- 1 dive
• Puerto Ayora/Highlands tour



Sunday Morning- Land Tour and Day of Departure


• Interpretation center.

Arrive San Cristobal—(Land Excursion) visit the Interpretation Center where an interesting human history of Galapagos is presented, town walk (last chance for shopping). Late morning departure.

We look forward sharing our Exceptional Underwater Adventures with you!



Suggest flight : 


CX840 HKG/JFK 1610/2010

XL1439 JFK/GYE 0050/0630

AV1636 GYE/SCY 1040/1130

AV1637 SCY/GYE 1230/1525

XL1438 GYE/JFK 0840/1625

CX845 JFK/HKG 0130/0515+1


Package includes : 


– Cabin accommodation
– All meals, snacks, beverages (including Beer and Wine with Dinner)
– Air or nitrox filled tanks, weights, weight belt
– Up to 4 dives per day on 5.5 days for 7-night cruises
– 3 land excursions, service of naturalist guides/ dive masters
– Transfers in the Islands between airport and dock from flights arriving before 1:00pm (13:00),
– All other Galapagos Sky services and amenities.


Package excludes : 


– Trip interruption or Cancellation Insurance
– Diver’s Addident Insurance,
– International airfare to Ecuador, Domestic Airfare to the Galapagos Islands
– Galapagos National Park entrance fee US$100
– All travelers must pay a TCT (migration control transit card) US$20
– Hyperbaric chamber fee US$35
– Gratuities to guides and crew.

行程 : 


星期日 (上船日) :

– 潛點 : Isla Lobos


當您週日到達聖克里斯托瓦爾的機場(Avianca 航班1636)時,加拉帕戈斯的負責人將親自與您會面,專車送您前往加拉帕戈斯船宿。您的行李將送到船宿的潛水甲板。所有人上船後,進行必要的安全簡介和演習。然後,我們啟航到Los Lobos ,開始第一支樽(Check dive)。


星期一 :

– 潛點 :  Bartolome – 1 次下潛 及 陸上遊
– 潛點 :  Bartolome, Cousins Rocks – 2 次下潛


星期二至星期四 : 


潛點 : Wolf & Darwin
星期二 : 4 次下潛 Wolf 及夜潛
星期三 : 4 次下潛 Darwin
星期四 : 3 次下潛  (2次在Darwin下潛 , 1次在Wolf 下潛)




– 潛點 :  Cabo Douglas – 1 次下潛 (Marine iguana dive)
– 潛點 :  Punta V icente Roca 2次下潛




– 潛點 :  Isla Pinzon/Islote Dumb 1 次下潛
– 陛上遊




– 陛上遊,隨後前往機場乘機返港。


建議航班 : 


CX840 HKG/JFK 1610/2010

XL1439 JFK/GYE 0050/0630

AV1636 GYE/SCY 1040/1130

AV1637 SCY/GYE 1230/1525

XL1438 GYE/JFK 0840/1625

CX845 JFK/HKG 0130/0515+1



套票包括 :


–  7 晚船宿半房
–  所有餐食,小吃,飲料(包括啤酒和餐酒)
–  船潛連氣瓶,鉛帶,船費及潛水導遊
–  在5.5天內每天最多進行4次潛水
–  3次陸上遊覽,為博物博導遊/潛水長提供服務
–  機場和碼頭之間的離島接送 <需於下午1:00(13:00)前抵達的航班>
–  加拉帕戈斯船宿服務和設施。




– 旅遊及潛水保險
– 飛往厄瓜多爾的國際機票,飛往加拉帕戈斯群島的國內機票
– 加拉帕戈斯國家公園門票每人美金100
– 所有乘客必須在機場繳付過境卡費美金20
– 高壓艙費用每人美金35
– 潛導和船員的小費。

M/V Galapagos Sky

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